Like Big, Like Little

Big little reveal 2018

Ahhhh Big/Little... everyone's favorite time of the year! The first few weeks of the new member process come with one very important factor- you're searching for your big. Of course, everyone taking a little is freaking out as well. We're all on a mission to find the very best fit for our fams and somehow it always ends up working out so perfectly. 

Your big is a best friend, a mentor, and someone you can look up to as a big sister. It is such a special event that we do in sorority life and we look forward to expanding our fams each year!

During the week leading up to reveal time, our new members were spoiled with gifts and hints about who their bigs were! What a fun week, but we just couldn't wait until the reveal. 

On Friday, October 5th our bigs revealed themselves to their littles at the Chi Omega Lodge. Again, like bid day, there was hugging, crying, and a whole lot of screaming. 

We are obsessed with our bigs and littles and we have found so much joy through having them in our lives! 

Enjoy this gallery of the reveal and some of the amazing themes our bigs picked out!