Bid Day 2018

September 4th could not come soon enough this year! We spent 3 days practically living at Embassy Suites (some of us literally living at Embassy- shout out to recruitment team) just dreaming of the day when we could leave the heels at home and officially meet our new members! 

Recruitment was such a special time for us this year. We got to know our sisters even better and dwell on the love we share for Chi Omega and each other. All of that aside, we were also just so ready to put our flower lays on and see those busses pull up to the house!

This years theme was Chi-Ohana and the creation of bid day couldn't have been possible without Brooke Gaffney, our New Member Educator. The house looked incredible! 

Seeing those new members pull up gave us a joy that is indescribable! There were hugs, tears, busted eardrums from all of the screaming, and so much love at 428 W. Hutchison St. that day. We couldn't be happier with these girls and we couldn't be prouder of the work we put into recruitment to get them!

We love you PC'18!

Bid Day Video 2018

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